Mumblings and Grumblings of Ebola Common Sense

1. There is a disease for which there is no current vaccine, no current mass cure.

2. It is spreading at a steady exponential growth rate and is out of countrol in more than one country.

3. What is to be done to stop this exponential growth in its tracks before it spread across the globe and reaches to every corner?

4. The only sensible answer and the word that is on everyones lips is quarantine.

5. Infected individuals need to be isolated from those who are not infected.

6. Exposed individuals need to isolated from those who have not been exposed.

7. Lands where it is raging out of control must be isolated from lands where it is under control…

8. And lands where it is under control must be isolated from lands where it has not reached.

9. It is this simple.

10. Enacting all this would take a great effort. Probably one that is not going to be made. :roll:

I just pray that God saves us from this potential plague and that it simply fizzles out.

What make sense here in any particular country given that the fire of Ebola is out of control in West Africa?

1. End all imports from affected countries and countries neighbouring them. Stuff the economic effects.

2. Only allow people in from affected countries and neighbouring countries if they are prepared to go through a quarantine period and pay for it themselves – this includes returning nationals.

3. Question every single person coming into the country from anywhere as to whether they have been to an affected country or a neighbouring country, or been in contact with any infected person or anyone who has been in contact with an infected person. If in any doubt give them the choice of expulsion or quarantine. Make the airlines, boat and train companies pay for this process – they are the ones bringing these people here.

Will the government of any particular countries take similar or indeed any sort of decisive action unless they absolutely have to? I doubt it. They will wait and see, for a start they will try to avoid doing anything that may disturb stock market confidence. They will almost certainly take a gamble and hope for the best. It will likely pay off. But the problem with playing Russian roulette is that it sometimes blows your brains out.