Is Muslim Teacher Purge Being Orchestrated from the “table of David Cameron”?

It sometimes feels that Muslims in Britain are like a punchbag and a scapegoat for every problem that can possibly be blamed upon them.



Much has been happening over the past couple of months regarding the Trojan Hoax fiasco and the attack on the Muslim community of Birmingham, which has now spread to other schools in London and the north of UK.

In the last piece on the topic, I highlighted that the collateral impact of the policies forced in by the likes of anti-Muslim neocon Michael Gove had started (after Gove’s sacking in July) to be felt by Jewish and Christian schools. Questions asked of young Muslim pupils, around homosexuality, for instance, had previously gone without any concerns being raised by the wider public. Now however, such questioning by Ofsted is being regarded as “anti-Semitic” (Cristina Odone of the Legatum Institute think tank on BBC’s Question Time (05/02/2015) explicitly declared Ofsted’s questioning around homosexuality and modest dress requirement as anti-Semitic).

The truth is however, that the measures are nowhere near as…

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Dear Saxons of Pegida, the German Muslims are not really like your ancient kinfolk

Dear continental Saxon cousins let me tell you a story…

I hear that the recent anti-Muslim marches in Germany were overwhelmingly manned by Saxons (the marchers being: mostly male, mostly without religion, mostly without connection to a mainstream party, mostly employed and mostly from Saxony, where ironically only one person in a hundred is a Muslim)

Anyway, long, long ago the naughty old Romano-British King Vortigern also known as “superbus tyrannus” was having some “barbarian” problems. So knowing the Germanic reputation for toughness and probity he invited the Saxon tribal leaders Hengist and Horsa to come as tame “barbarian” mercenaries, thus mirroring the late Roman policy of settling loyal “barbarians” on the borders of the Empire as a protective buffer zone.

Initially a small groups of Saxons arrived and all as going well, but then more and more Saxons started to arrive and the Romano British started to realize that they had a Pagan European immigration problem. They were particularly irked when the Saxons started to demand more and more state benefits from Vortigern, until the point when they became quite a strain on public finances.

Eventually things got to a state where these hungry Saxon immigrants and benefit scroungers were told that their growing demands for increased benefits would not be met and at this point they decided to break their relationship with the state and plunder the lands of the Romano-British.

From this point onwards the Romano British border guards lost all control over immigration and a large influx of new Saxon and other Germanic illegal immigrants followed….and this is why I and nearly every other Englishman and Lowland Scot have a good degree of Saxon and Germanic blood.

But this is 2015 and colonizing a country is not quite so easy these days, furthermore (despite your imaginations) neither the Muslim incomers to Germany nor their offspring are sword wielding barbarian invaders. Most of them are rather nice and they actually come from the ruined remains of one of the great civilizations of history, whatever the Islamophobic demagogues may say.

You say that they are lazy scroungers, but many German Turkish Muslims who wish ever so much to work find every door closed to them because of prejudice. If you think that too many German Muslims are on unemployment benefits then blame the Neo-liberal system that prevents full or secure employment and blame a benefits system that encourages abuse not them. If capitalism prevents you from achieving full employment you can at least stop paying people to nothing and instead pay them to something constructive like maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of towns and parks, or building needed infrastructure etc.

I don’t think anyone apart from the most naive people really believes that the Turks are going to take over Germany by demographic expansion, immigration is nothing new and many waves of immigration have been absorbed by the central Europeans in the past. Immigrants may often add something to a culture (even if it is only a little DNA) but rarely can they take anything away from it, only conquerors are capable of this and the Turks in Germany are not conquerors however much you build them up in your imaginations. They are a miniscule minority with no power at all. You can deny it all day, but in reality they are now, and they always have been, at the mercy of the German majority.

If you think the German Turkish Muslims have too many babies then consider why are you having so few if you love your race and your culture so much?

If you worry that your offspring may join the ranks of the German blooded Muslims do you think this would really be such a terrible thing? Would you rather that they were non-Muslim table dancers, transvestite goths, drug addicts or football hooligans? If you say yes to this then I suspect that you have never met a Muslim of Northern European ancestry and discovered that they are the polar opposites of the criminal elements who have received such a great deal of publicity in the media.

It is the right of the German people to end new Muslim immigration into Germany if you want to, but if you single out Muslims as people unwelcome to settle in Germany then do not be surprised if Muslim countries single out German exporters as companies that they would prefer not to trade with. If you are going to reduce immigration you would be wise not to simply target Muslims in this.

You (the German majority community) have power over the minority communities containing the German Muslims, but if you marginalize and legislate against the natural liberties and freedoms of Germany’s Muslim citizens and residents (interfering with their right to choose how they live, dress, eat and worship) then much of the world will correctly perceive that you are repeating the mistakes of the past and that you will have simply replaced the old Jewish target with a Muslim one.

Do not be deceived into thinking that the terrorist fringe are representative of or connected to the mainstream Muslims. The terrorist fringe are the enemies of mainstream Muslims just as much as they are your enemies. Your real enemies are not the Muslims – who are a politically weak and very disunited group of diverse peoples. Your real enemies are the enemies of all humanity, the greedy power brokers who oversee a system that is reducing the rights, freedoms, liberties and overall well being of the average man and woman to favour the economic interests of the very rich, whilst preventing the measures that are needed to protect the eco-system, which is our one and only earthly home, from the unthinking capitalist machine.

You people who support Pegida are like people on a sinking boat who have forgotten that it is sinking, because you are too busy worrying about the Turkish man who is happily munching away in the galley, all of you having forgotten that he was invited by some of you in the first place.

Even whilst you are obsessing over Muslim incomers you are being attacked by the treacherous and morally bankrupt elements who are about to inflict TTIP upon you so that Germany and the rest of Europe may be devoured by the American corporations and your Democratic power taken away to be replaced by immense new powers for the greedy corporations.

It’s not the Muslims who are about to inflict GM crops and chlorinated chicken upon you…

nor is it the Muslims who are about to reduce your rights as a worker and as a citizen…

and it’s certainly not the Muslims who are about to completely undermine social democracy in your country…

so that the multinationals can rape it like they rape the powerless 3rd world lands…

TTIP a Harmful Capitalist Conspiracy