Rupert Murdoch

Today it has come to light that Rupert Murdoch and family are loosing their grip on their News Corporation empire. Murdoch chum, the controversial zillionpontillionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal sold most of his 6.6% share and made a new shareholder revolt a likelihood. An earlier failed shareholder revolution was lead by the Nathan Cummings Foundation with the goal of establishing a democratic structure at News Corp and to end “the gerrymander” by which Rupert Murdoch controls 40 percent of votes when he owns only around 13 per cent of the company stock.

So who is actually is Rupert Murdoch? … Indeed some words, names and phrases are almost cosmically linked together just as the word Morc and Mindy, “Fish and Chips“, Laurel and Hardy, “Salt and Pepper“, “Soap and Water“, “Bat and Ball“, “Nut and Bolt“, “Knife and Fork“, “Morecambe and Wise” and of course (as a brief search of the internet will reveal) “Rupert Murdoch” and “Evil. It is the last word pairing that I shall look at here.

If you circulate in the right circles you may often hear people write or say things like… Rupert Murdoch “has spoiled the media”, or Rupert Murdoch “has managed to replace real journalism with a toxic mixture of sexual and violent titillation”, or Rupert Murdoch is “evil incarnate” or Rupert Murdoch “is the Devils publisher” etc… But are these people right? Maybe this guy is just being maligned? If you watch interviews with him he just seems like a soft spoken, bald, bespectacled old man. There is even a gentleness about him and his slightly old fashioned Australian accent gives hints of some sort of humility. Maybe there is something wrong here maybe he’s just misunderstood? Sadly not.

  • This is the man who created a media revolution in which real news and real journalism were replaced with sex, violence and other forms of titillation.
  • This is the man whose newspapers subtly promoted the destructive and iniquitous philosophy of Neo-Liberalism to the world and worked to undermine social democracy and civilized social policies.
  • This is the man whose henchmen and henchwomen got caught in the News of the World phone hacking scandal – a sorry story that involved everything from illegal phone hacking and bribery to the mysterious death of a whistle-blower.
  • This is the man who destroyed Fleet Street, which had long been the heart of British journalism. Why? So he could castrate the unions that would have stopped him mistreating his workers in Britain.
  • This is the man who has distorted British politics for several decades with the power of his news papers. He used distortions and scare tactics to con the public and make the real Labour Party unelectable. To gain power Tony Blair became a Murdoch pet. Blair’s “Labour Party” became a modified continuation of economic Thatcherism allied to an unfortunate policy of extreme social liberalism.
  • This is the man whose henchmen defamed the dead at the Sheffield Hillsborough tragedy – blaming the football fans killed in the crush – rather than the policemen who failed to unlock the gates that would have saved their lives.

Yet in truth there are plenty of people much worse than he. Its just that when someone possess so much power to shape the opinions of the masses – when they back the interests of the few against the many in so many different ways, then this is a big problem. Maybe he is like he is because he was not tickled enough as a child. Maybe if there was an international campaign to tickle Rupert Murdoch then it would heal and sooth his injured inner child and result in his outer child, I mean his outer adult, becoming more humane and more concerned with people as a whole, not just his zillionquadrillionare chums.