The Loch Ness Trollster?

The earliest recorded reference to something weird swimming around in Lock Ness is from way back in the Dark ages when the Celtic Christian Saint Columba told the beast off for biting people and apparently it worked as we hear of sightings but we never seem to hear of bitings!Through the ages, indeed through times in which (straight facedly) heroic knights were regularly recorded as killing wormes (big snakes/reptiles/dragons etc) records of sightings continued. During the 20th century sightings continued a photographs began to turn up.  Nessie has even been spotted quite clearly in aerial photographs. Suggested explanations for the sightings at Loch Ness include..

Fraud, practical jokes, naughty pranksters and irresponsible journalists…

Some claimed Nessie sightings can almost certainly be explained in terms of the above. Doesn’t the little boy or girl in you sometimes like to pull a prank? If you were a journalist sent to Loch Ness to come back with a story and under pressure to come home with something would you not consider plopping a plastic dinosaur in the the lake so that you can go back home and leave rainy old Scotland behind? However, the key Nessie sightings on the modern era were made by respectable trustworthy people, most of whom had little or nothing to gain by recounting their experiences (and many of the had plenty to loose – especially their good name).

Optical illusions & reflections, swirls from currents, driftwood & debris

These things could indeed explain some of the many distant ‘sightings of Nessie’ but they cannot explain the many up close and face to face encounters.

Shy, rare and unknown surviving plesiosaurs or similar ancient aquatic creatures…

There are many water based creatures from ancient times and so called living fossils. Of course such creatures must surely be offshore creatures and sea based – only visitors to the Loch which probably could not provide them with either space to hide or enough food. How such a creature should have got into Windermere recently is beyond me! Although Nessie is (according to many accounts and photographs) shaped like a plesiosaur descriptions of its movements often suggest that Nessie moves its spine in ways a plesiosaur could not have done…

Shy, rare and unknown plesiosaur shaped sea mammals …

This is much more likely than a plesiosaur Many mammals share similar forms to extinct ancient creatures. The dolphin and the ichthyosaurs and the rhino and the triceratops provide perfect examples of how the forms of animals fit into niches within the echo system and are shaped accordingly. The existence of the plesiosaur shape in the past may suggest that it is reasonable to imagine a plesiosaur shaped creature within the seal or sea cow families. Indeed some sightings and photos record Nessie as having whiskers and fur – very mammalian traits. As with the true plesiosaur it seems that such creatures must only be visitors to Loch Ness.

Swimming elephants!

This is not so bizarre as it seems as an explanation for some sightings, many described something like an elephants trunk popping out of the water (although they interpreted it as a head but an elephants nostrils could be mistaken for eyes). Elephants were once a common sight in the British countryside as one of the prime attractions of the traveling circuses. They like a swim and their trainers often encourage them in this. In a similar vein a shy, rare and unknown native aquatic elephant type sea cow creature is also some sort of a (rather miniscule) possibility. However some Nessie sightings and encounters were very definitely not with elephants of any sort.

Time slip, otherworldly portals or projections from the past…

Although way out of the world view or comfort zone of 95% of the Western population both of these are persistent themes in the accounts of human beings from many lands. Their true nature known only to the one who created the world. Time slips, portals from elsewhere or another time and projections from have been suggested as the explanation of many common apparitions or unusual experiences and the same arguments may be suggested as possible causes of the Nessie experience. Of these three ideas the projection argument has the issue of not being able to explain why this projection swims at current lake levels and is able to interact with plants and bushes etc.

Projections of the collective subconscious and/or semi-material shape changing beings (known as Trolls, Kelpies, Jinn etc)

Several long experienced Nessi hunters eventually came to the conclusion that Nessie was not an animal at all but rather some sort of supernatural being, projection or emanation.

People who hold one of these views often simultaneously hold the other, or stand somewhere in between. The key element of these perspectives is that Nessie is not a permanent physical being but rather a being of another sort entirely, whose reality and existence are not of the normal material type.

The great psychologist Carl Jung explained the UFO phenomenon in terms of generally being projections from the collective unconscious. A similar explanation may be made of the Nessie experience and this has some supporters.

Likewise Dr Jacques Vallee studied the UFO phenomenon and came to the conclusion that there is a continuity between the modern experience of supposed extra terrestrials and the historical experience of the world of faery (not the story book things with butterfly wings) the ones that people used to actually recount interacting with.

Ted Holiday was long a traditional Loch Ness hunter who firmly believed in the existence of a rare but normally physical being. Indeed he considered Loch Ness top be home to a creature that had  once been the reality behind many British dragon tales. However over the years he had stated to realise that there was something strange about Nessie, people tended to report being shocked, horrified or disgusted by the sight of it.

Furthermore he started to notice the great number of strange coincidences that tended to relate to the creature, especially ones that made taking photos of it tend to be very difficult. He learned of various occult happenings and experiences, UFO sightings, malevolent men in black and a whole range of other strangeness in the area, some of it focused around Boleskin House, Foyers – a place near where many Nessie sightings had occurred.   His thoughts would be published in The Goblin Universe some years after he passed away.

During the 1950s Tim Dinsdale had popularized the idea that Nessie is some sort of plesiosaur and he had filmed some of the best known footage. Yet two decades later fellow Nessie hunter Erik Beckjord visited Tim Dinsdale and found that he had over the years become certain that Nessie was not a true physical being.

In the time after he popularised the plesiosaur theory Tim Dinsdale had continued to watch the Loch and many a night he had uncanny experiences. Most unnerving was when he anchored his boat near Boleskin House, Aleister Crowley’s one time base of occult experimentation.  There he saw various unnerving sights which convinced him that  Holiday’s view had been correct after all.

Dinsdale had refrained from publicizing his change of view because of the financial and reputational woes that it would have likely caused him. Beckjord on the other hand was not afraid to promote this view and was thereafter shunned by fellow Nessie hunters as a result.

Unlike any of the other views this view accounts for why Nessie has variously been described (by normal sensible people) as a sea serpent, a slug, a snail, a creature with a face like a bulldog, a creature with a head and neck like an elephants trunk, a creature with whiskers, a creature that had skin like a snail, a creature that had fur, a creature that had coarse black hair on its neck, a creature with stumpy forelegs, a creature with flippers etc, etc, etc…

Anyone with a brain will realize that there’s something funny going on here… Either there is more than one type of mysterious creature in Loch Ness or this thing is a shape shifter and this is exactly what Eric Beckjord thinks it is and he has film to prove it. To be precise a 16mm film showing a white shape shifting thing and certainly not a reptile or a mammal. If Holiday, Dinsdale or Beckjord are correct the legend of Nessie will not likely be popularly understood until humanity (the Western branch of it at least) is ready to expand their minds to encompass whole realms of things that they have long been in denial of.

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