Marie Stopes – Feminist Heroine or NAZI Psychopath?

Who was Marie Stopes? Mr and Mrs Mainstream Media Dream-Mind Answer…Marie Stopes, a heroin of the modern age, a feminist, an author, a pioneer of birth control and a doctor of science. There are statues to her, charities named after her, blue placques on the houses in which she lived and even on Manchester University in her memory. She was elected “Woman of the Millennium” in 1999. Her face is on stamps and many schoolgirls are told that she is an ideal role model.  She helped people by setting up advice centers for pregnant women. Mr and Mrs Facts and Common Sense Answer…Marie Stopes, was a very, very evil woman.

  • She was a NAZI eugenicist who disowned her son because he married a woman who wore glasses (she considered it a moral crime for people with glasses to pass on their genes).
  • She was a racist NAZI who campaigned for the compulsory sterilization of mixed race people.
  • She was an elitist NAZI who campaigned for the compulsory sterilization of “C3” people  (people who were designated as being lowly and less worthy than the rest of society).
  • She was  a murderous NAZI who wrote love letters to Hitler, even during the holocaust. She wrote him poems against Jews, Russians and Catholics.
  • Her slogan in 1921 was “Joyful and Deliberate Motherhood, A Safe Light in our Racial Darkness“.
  • In 1925 she declared that she hoped to destroy the tradition of organized Christianity (she probably had a similar attitude towards all three Abrahamic religions).
  •  In 1919 this monster wrote to the National Birth Rate Commission calling for enforced sterilization of the diseased, the drunk and those of bad character (who decides who is of bad character? who decides which people are to be classed as diseased? did she not know that many wonderful people have been the offspring of drunks?).
  • She wanted to “ensure the sterility of the hopelessly rotten and racially diseased” she wanted to achieve in the British Isles “a new and irradiated race” and  she talked scathingly of the “puny and utterly unsatisfactory” offspring of the poor.
  • She was a monster who visited NAZI Germany and attended NAZI eugenics conferences alongside people who would enact the NAZI holocaust of “undesirables” (the disabled, Jews, Gypsies etc).
  • Stopes returned home to start her own holocaust of unborn “undesirables” and would use every method to trick pregnant “undesirables” into having their babies killed. This is a process that still continues worldwide in the Marie Stopes ‘birth control advice centers’. Today the Marie Stopes organization is involved in hundreds of thousands of killings of unborn children each year. Indeed, nowadays killing unborn babies is big business.

Be Pro-Life

With the tendrils of eugenics and anti-family philosophies confusing the people –

what ever you do you don’t want to be an unborn disabled person, as some so-called physician with a pair of clippers and a sucker wants to suck and clip you to death (or poison you with salt) in the supposed safety of your own mother’s womb, or maybe to get you out some other way and leave you in a dish to die, or even throw you into the medical waste while you still have breath in you.

“Eugenics by abortion” is a phrase that was coined by a Washington Post Columnist called George F. Will who had noticed the existence of a Nazi like process in which unborn babies are being slaughtered in great numbers simply because doctors have decided that they are abnormal in one way or another and thus do not deserve to live.

These “abnormalities” include a wide variety of differences such as downs syndrome, turner’s syndrome, cleft lips, malformed limbs and any type of physical condition that makes someone a little different, a little less strong, a little less healthy, a little less intelligent or a little less externally beautiful than the so called norm.

The same logic that is applied to this pre-natal killing could equally be applied to older infants or adults who have a disability like downs syndrome or a ‘difference’, or so-called ‘deformity’ (indeed it has in some cases of so called medical murder of disabled infants that have euphemistically been called “euthanasia”).

Equally disturbing is the phenomenon of ‘social abortions’ where completely healthy unborn babies are slaughtered because they are simply ‘unwanted’. Don’t let the abortion industry trick you like they have tricked so many others. Protect your unborn child and encourage others to protect theirs.


A Baby is a Baby

Whether in or out of the Womb

Whether Disabled or Healthy

Whether Strong or Weak

Whether Ugly or Pretty


Please remember this and don’t let the eugenicists trick you.


In South Asia another equally horrific spree of the slaughter of the unborn is occurring.  Here you needn’t be so worried if you are an unborn baby with a disability, so long as you aren’t a girl, because in modern times it is the sickness of pre-natal female infanticide that has spread like wildfire in this corner of the world.

Just like the pre-Islamic idolaters of Arabia, the misguided people among the South Asians (some of whom even dare to call themselves Muslims) have begun to slaughter infant girls because they see them as a burden not as a blessing, but thanks to the wonders and evils of modern science they are able to kill them before they are even born.

Don’t let Satan’s mouthpieces drag you into this genocide of the unborn girls, like they have dragged so many others. Stand up for the rights of unborn girls. The following verse of the Holy Qur’an describes this evil occurrence.


And when the news of the birth of a female is brought to them,


his face becomes dark and he is filled with sadness


He hides himself from the people because of the ill of that which he has been informed.


Shall he keep her with dishonour or bury her in the earth?


Certainly, evil is their decision

(Holy Qur’an 16:58-59)

Islam’s View on Abortion


“Then we developed the drop into a hanging (embryo),

then developed the hanging (embryo) into a bite-size (fetus),

then created the bite-size (fetus) into bones,

then covered the bones with flesh.

We thus produce a new creature. Most blessed is God, the best Creator.”

(Holy Qur’an 23:14)


You shall not kill any person

– for God has made life  sacred – except in the course of justice…

(Holy Qur’an 17:33)


And do not kill your children for fear of poverty:

We give them sustenance and yourselves (also):

surely to kill them is a great wrong.

(Holy Qur’an 17:31)


Losers are those who killed their children foolishly, due to their lack of knowledge,

and prohibited what God has provided for them,

and followed innovations attributed to God.

They have gone astray, they are not guided.”

(Holy Qur’an 6:140)


The scholars of Divine Law in Orthodox Sunni Islam forbid abortion in all but the most extreme cases where, for example, the life of the mother is at stake by the continuation of the pregnancy.  Wise Muslims will remember this.


Holy Qur’an at-Takwir,

The Cessation

MM Pickthall Trans.


 When the sun is overthrown, 

 And when the stars fall, 

 And when the hills are moved,

 And when the camels big with young are abandoned, 

 And when the wild beasts are herded together, 

 And when the seas rise

 And when souls are reunited,

 And when the girl-child that was buried alive (murdered) is asked 

 For what sin she was slain,

And when the pages are laid open,

  And when the sky is torn away, 

And when hell is lighted,

 And when the Garden is brought nigh,

(Then) every soul will know what it hath made ready. 

Oh, but I call to witness the planets,

The stars which rise and set, 

 And the close of night,

  And the breath of morning 

 That this is in truth the word of an honoured messenger, 

 Mighty, established

in the presence of the Lord of the Throne,

  (One) to be obeyed, and trustworthy; 

 And your comrade is not mad. 

 Surely he beheld Him on the clear horizon. 

 And he is not avid of the Unseen. 

 Nor is this the utterance of a devil

worthy to be stoned.

 Whither then go ye ?

  This is naught else than a reminder unto creation

 Unto whomsoever of you wills to walk straight.

  And ye will not, unless (it be) that Allah wills,

the Lord of Creation.