Virginia Roberts – Abused Yes – Prostitute Yes – Slave No.

What a sorry, dirty and sordid story follows…

Virginia Roberts. Ever since she propelled herself to fame with her historical accusations I have taken an interest in her story…and I find myself having a good look at her photographs, and you can’t always judge a book by its cover, but to me her personal cover (otherwise known as her face) has a faint aroma of snakes.

Jerry Epstein. A rich financier who ended up in prison. A man whose looks are slightly reminiscent of a younger Bruce Fortsythe, yet without the moustache or the sweetness. He used to like fornicating with teenage girls. It seems that most (maybe all) of them had willingly thrust themselves into the horrible world of underage prostitution, lured probably by its financial rewards.

Jerry Epstein is not, as far as I know an actual rapist, apart from in the imagination of the American legal system and it seems that all of the girls who he misused were quite big enough to know better. He was not the only rich man to behave like this, but he was one of the ones who got caught, who did not have the influence to get himself out of trouble.

There is no reason to doubt that Virginia Roberts was one of Jerry Epstein’s underage prostitutes, but stories go far beyond that…For example she has said ““I would offer” other young girls “money to come meet my gentlemen friend and tell them I’d show them how to massage”. Thus if she is telling the truth she reveals herself not only as a victim but also as a predator.

When she went on to say that she “never brought back a girl that ever said no, or didn’t want to participate in an erotic massage” she is trying to free herself from blame, but it doesn’t work. She has revealed that she procured, groomed and trained underage girls so that they could be abused

Roberts has a photo of herself with Prince Andrew, but so do thousands of other people although most of these don’t claim that they have had sex with him.

Prince Andrew, a long time teetotaler, a man whose Buckingham Palace suite homes a 4ft teddy bear, a naval veteran who risked his life in the Falklands war, a patron of Fight for Sight, of Defeating Deafness, of the Commonwealth Society for the Deaf, the Chairman of the NSPCC Full Stop Campaign, and of the Sea Cadets, a man who has flown all over the world promoting British trade, a nice, fishing, golf playing man whose public profile is so down to earth that he was once nearly refused entry to Buckingham Palace by guards who did not recognize him.

As already stated Virginia Roberts claims to have had a sexual relationship with Prince Andrew (first in London, then later she said it had occurred in the Caribbean and New York as well). It is of course physically possible, but I seriously doubt it and even if it had happened (which it probably didn’t) there is no reason to assume that Prince Andrew knew that she was considered underage.

A Palace spokesman has said “It is emphatically denied that HRH The Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. The allegations made are false and without any foundation…” and to be honest I would take Prince Andrew’s word over the word of this self admitted procurer, trainer and groomer of underage prostitutes.

It’s not unknown for young American females to fantasize about British Princes. It does not seem impossible that Roberts was overtaken by the Disney princess fantasy upon meeting the Prince whilst she was hanging round Epstein. Maybe she fantasized about it to the point of believing it – yet she didn’t get her dream and her feelings turned sour (I used to know a woman who was convinced she was perpetually carrying prince Charles’ baby, she also used to believe that American invasion of Britain was imminent).

The Roberts family has already had to recant their claim that Virginia had met the Queen. Thank God that this young woman (variously described as a “serial liar”, a “compulsive liar” and “fantasist” in online comments) didn’t get a photo of herself with the Queen or she may have taken given the story a bizarre new twist.

Even if we imagine that Roberts an Prince Andrew did have a one night stand as she claims – she was 17 years old and in every way a woman at the time she claims – according to biology, common sense and English Law. The only way she was not a woman was in American Law and as Prince Andrew is obviously subject to Diplomatic immunity English Law would probably be more relevant even if the story had happened in America.

Indeed… even if this fully grown and mature looking young woman (whose photo gives the impression that she would have stood a fair chance against Prince Andrew in a cage fight) and the recently divorced, wealthy and young looking Prince Andrew had engaged in a one night stand, would that really have been anything controversial in today’s London?

Tens of thousands similar one night stands happen in London every Friday and Saturday night, many of them between men who would pass for the younger Prince Andrew and women who would pass for the younger Virginia Roberts. Now I am not condoning it, but I cannot deny that it is considered “normal” in this day and age.

I maybe be getting her completely wrong, but I don’t find it easy to believe much of what Virginia Roberts says. I have the distinct impression that she is a young woman who got mixed up with Jerry Epstein (manipulator, pimp and possible blackmailer that he was) through her own free choices and later felt disgusted about the whole situation.

It is easy to imagine that she retold the story of her Epstein experiences to herself and others (over and over again) and during this process I would be pretty sure that the original events were gradually embroidered more and more, growing in the process. People often tend to believe their own historical embroidery. Even if they don’t believe it the fact that they tell important others in their lives means that they generally become thoroughly invested in it (to admit the embroidery would be to admit being and embroiderer and to loose face). Maybe I am wrong, but I suspect not.

Virginia Roberts was quite reasonably angry at being used (in actuality) like a peace of meat by Jerry Epstein – because whatever modern people say – sex belongs in the safe bounds of marriage.

I may be wrong but I strongly suspect that this anger could have been the powerhouse that could have led to revenge fantasies not only against Epstein but also against his friends (including Prince Andrew, the lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Ghislaine Maxwell and various others against whom she makes salacious claims. Ironically one of the few of Einstein’s friends to escape her accusations was randy old Bill Clinton.

In her revenge she has gone so far as to claim that she was a “sex slave” however nothing that Roberts says at all shows any real evidence of any type of slavery. She was not chained or locked up, she wasn’t kidnapped or tortured, she was neither deprived of her liberty nor was she brainwashed or hooked on highly addictive substances as a means of control. So why would anyone use this term?

One answer would be a publicity seeker who wants to make money by selling interviews and through a scandalous book, maybe a sequel too on how they cleverly recovered and got their life together… Maybe I am wrong, but I suspect not.

In Britain and Belgium it is pretty clear that there have been (probably still are) organized groups that abuse and murder young boys and girls. These poor innocent victims were real sex slaves and when Virginia Roberts describes how she was a “sex slave” she insults their memory, or rather the lack of it.

As for the “British” press which gives this story credence and publicity with treasonous glee, presenting every claim of Virginia Roberts about Prince Andrew in a way that makes the public believe it to be factual – what can we expect from a bunch of low minded newspapers that are mostly associated with horrible old republican Rupert Murdoch?

As for the large section of the chattering classes which has responded to the accusations with equal delight (and an automatic assumption of Prince Andrew’s guilt) – what can we expect from from a bunch of people whose brains have been addled by the twin corrosive effects of too much alcohol, too little religion and degenerate cultural-Marxism.