How ISIS harms Religion

ISIS is a dubious nightmare that has been inflicted upon the Muslims – caricatures of Wahhabis  they belong in the pages of fiction not in reality. It is like they leaked out of a Hollywood super hero film, but there isn’t a superhero to go an confront them, just a bunch of hard pressed Arabs and Kurds and a few long distance warriors with their all too indiscriminate air power. All the while we are hearing stories of ISIS fighters being treated in Israeli hospitals and mysterious air drops of weapons meant for these killers from Chinook type helicopters. What an ugly duplicitous game politics is and what an ugly mindset dominates the (mainly Wahhabi) people who go to join these mass murderers.




By: Omar Shahid

One of the signs of the end times, according to Islam, is the inversion of reality – in other words, things being upside-down. For Muslims, there is nothing that more obviously illustrates this than Islam being made to appear bad to the world. For the first time in the history of our faith, an extremist fringe has hijacked the religion and is dominating the headlines, causing havoc and creating a global crisis.

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Russel Brand on Fox and Charlie Hebdo

Russell Brand Britain’s favourite celebrity YouTube revolutionary has recently taken on the “Sith Lords” of Fox News. When Islamophobic hatemonger Jeanine Pirro launched into a virulent tirade, calling for a bloody response to the Charlie Hebdo murders, Brand warned that she was promoting “the same energy” as the Parisian terrorists.

Brand was reacting against Pirro’s calls for the USA to “bomb them, bomb them, and bomb them again”, knowing full well that these bombings usually tend to kill innocents not the guilty. He warned that Jeanine Perro was reflecting the same harmful energy as the Charlie Hebdo killers. He warned against Perro’s rant, explaining… “while it’s obviously not as violent or as gory or as terrible, it’s equally damaging (as the actions of the terrorists), because it’s insidious and it has great reach, and she’s operating on behalf of people with their own ideologies and there are consequences.”

He has already clashed with Rupert ‘Sauron’ Murdoch’s Fox News. This time he exclaimed “it’s not like he’s a racist Grandad where you think… ‘Oh, it’s just granddad, he’s from another time”… it’s different if your Grandad owns a multi-trillion dollar media organization and has investments in energy companies that will benefit from further military activity abroad, that requires the malignment and hatred of Muslims and Muslim nations and the dehumanization of Muslims to continue.”  thus hitting the nail square on the head.

Russel Brand called upon people to “see beyond the distinctions and the camouflage of identity and language and recognize hatred for what it is.” He called on human beings to stop fortifying the boundaries and borders between them and criticized violence from where it comes, the terrorists indeed being “violent maniacs who are murdering people”, but “state-sponsored violent maniacs murdering people from the sky all over Pakistan, and all over Iraq” also as a result of US policies.

If asked, a few years ago I would have described Russel Brand as a dandy Casanova and a product of a modern Britain gone wrong. Today he is an independent thinking political observer who often gets things right. The world is full of change, it always has been and it probably always will be. Nowadays many of the changes seem to be for the worse, but Russel Brand’s development seems to be a shining exception to that trend.

Brand on Fox & Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo, Whose Fault is It?


“The young, bewildered, pitiable men that carry out these atrocities probably at the behest of older, power hungry men do not speak for Islam or Muhammad or Allah.”

“This language has nothing to do with the God I believe in or the God any of the Muslims I know believe in.”

“These men of murder are the symptom of a creed that lies as far away from God as is possible to conceive and do not represent Islam anymore than George Bush, Tony Blair and Halliburton represented Christianity,”

“Terrorism is wrong, killing people is bad, but that has to mean ALL types of terrorism – who gets to define what terrorism means? Who gets to decide what violence is necessary?”

– Russel Brand

Rupert Murdoch & Charlie Hebdo

Rupert Murdoch rides again, whacking passing Muslims with his Zimmer frame

Australian Zionist Islamophobe Rupert Murdoch has suggested that the Muslims as a whole should be held responsible for the terrorist attacks in France despite the fact that they had nothing to do with them.

Many others across the globe have pointed out that if that was true (which it isn’t) then all Australians should be held responsible for the controversial activities of Rupert Murdoch, such as the News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal.

These Kharijite terrorists kill more Muslims than they do anyone else. Are the thousands and thousands of Muslim victims of the crimes of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram also to be held responsible for the actions of these terrorists?

Many have pointed out that on Rupert Murdoch’s “logic” all Muslims (including the terrorists themselves) should also be hailed and praised for the brave actions of heroic Muslim employee Lassana Bathily who saved the lives of dozens of people at the Kosher Supermarket by helping them hide and all Muslims (including the terrorists themselves) should be praised for the heroism of the Muslim police officer, Ahmed Merabit, who sacrificed his life in line of duty during the magazine attack. There is of course no logic at all to such an argument.

People are individuals, Muslims included, and no man should be held accountable for the crimes of anyone else, it is especially ridiculous that people should be held responsible for other unconnected people who would happily murder them just as they would murder anyone else. 

A few years ago a Spiegel Online article titled “Al Qaeda Kills Eight Times More Muslims Than Non-Muslims” covered a study by the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States’ Military Academy at West Point which demonstrated that up to 99% of the “Muslim” terrorists victims were in fact non-Westerners and that of these the great majority were Muslim…that’s how things were then and things are no different now.

Rupert Murdoch and the other media Islamophobes know this, they ignore it because they are propagandizing against the Muslims in much the same way that the anti-Semitic anti Gypsy establishment used to propagandize against the Jews and Gypsies and where know where this sort of scapegoating can lead (death camps being one possible grand finale*).

Already it has created a situation where identifiably Muslim Western people face an ever present threat from Islamophobic bigots and thugs that limits their freedom of movement, security and a whole host of simple everyday choices in ways that people in non-minority social groups could not imagine.

Attacks on French Muslims since Charlie Hebdo…


(* a brief survey of relevant websites and chat-rooms has demonstrated to me that there is no shortage at all of murderous people who say that they would be very happy with a complete genocidal extermination of Muslims. Death camps for Muslims may seem unthinkable today, but so did the reign of French revolutionary terror shortly before it happened and in 1900 no one in the Poland would have believed that death camps would be built in Auschwitz and five other locations only a few decades later)    ______________________________________________________________________________________________

In  a similar vein Steve Emerson (the phony terrorist, “expert” of Fox News, which a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox of which Rupert ‘Sauron’ Murdoch just happens to be the CEO) has continued his long career of trying to ratchet up Islamophobic hate. This time by telling America that Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham, is “completely Muslim” and saying that there are “no go areas” for non-Muslims all over the place…

“In Britain, it’s not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in,” he said.

“Parts of London, there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and actually wound seriously anyone who doesn’t dress according to Muslim, religious Muslim attire,”

When Steve Emerson had tried to slip these, his latest, particular distortions of reality (distortion of reality to build up Islamophobia is basically his profession) he was used to the standard scenario where Western commentators can talk total nonsense about Muslims all day and get away with it. He did not consider that with this latest fabrication he would incur the wrath of the people of Birmingham and Britain as a whole for the crimes of insulting both reality and their civic pride.

Tory Prime Minister David Cameron described the moment he heard these Baron Munchhausen scale slurs as follows…

“Frankly I choked on my porridge and thought it must be April’s Fools Day. This guy (Steve Emerson) is clearly a complete idiot.”

Steve Emerson has been quick to recant his statements, but the fact remains that he has become economically rich from such distortions of reality and he usually he gets away with them, because his victims are Muslims who have generally learned to keep their heads down and their mouths shut.

Phony Terrorism Expert Makes a Fool of Himself

Fox News Bias Controversies on Wikipedia


…and as a final note on the scurrilous publication Charlie Hebdo which had been well on its way to bankruptcy (and was only selling around half of its 60,000 copy print run) before the slaughter…  …it is now once again publishing cartoons that are purposely designed to offend, upset, irritate and infuriate Muslims – this time with hugely misplaced public good will and promises of government financial aide…

…proving for the umpteenth time that knee jerk reactions of people with low intelligence and little understanding of the religion only weaken the Muslims and benefit, empower and “justify” those who are already attacking them…