Humility or Vanity…..

Kings may be good or bad. They may often symbolize the human lion or predator, the harmful Ego running wild, yet they may also represent the best qualities of selflessness and service to the state.


Ten dervishes may sleep under the same blanket

but one country cannot hold two kings.


When a pious man eats half a loaf of bread


He bestows the other half upon dervishes.


If a king were to conquer the seven climates


He would still in the same way covet another.




An unjust king asked a devotee


what kind of worship is best?


He replied: ‘For you the best


is to sleep one half of the day so as


not to injure the people for a while.’


Two sons of emirs were in Egypt,


the one acquiring science,


the other accumulating wealth,


till the former became


the scholars of Islam of the period


and the other the prince of Egypt;


whereon the rich man


looked with contempt upon the faqih and said:


I have reached the sultanate


whilst you hast remained in poverty as before.’


He replied:


O brother, I am bound to be grateful


to the most high Creator for having


obtained the inheritance of prophets


whilst you have attained the inheritance of Pharaoh and of Haman,


namely the kingdom of Egypt.’


I am that ant which is trodden under foot,


not a wasp, the pain of whose sting causes lament.


How shall I give due thanks for the blessing,


that I don’t posses


the strength of injuring mankind?




A king glanced in contempt at a company of


dervishes. One of them, understanding by his sagacity the meaning of it, said:


‘O king, in this world we are inferior to thee in dignity but more happy in life.


In death we are equal and in the


resurrection superior to thee.’


Though the master of a country


may have enjoyment


And the dervish may be in need of bread


In that hour when both of them will die


they will take from the world


not more than a shroud.


When you take


your departure from the realm


It will be better to be a mendicant


than a king.