Good Ideas

(The following are what I believe to be very good ideas, in some cases I think most people would agree, in others many would not. In many places the following has particular relevance to the UK, but may also apply to other places too.)
Good Idea  1. Friendly manners and good propriety are the lubricants that allow society to function without friction.
Good  Idea  2. Compassion & Sharing as the basis for human interactions with each other and even with animals.
Good  Idea  3. Sustainable living and Renewable production systems…
Good Idea  4. Do As You Would Be Done By.
Good Idea  5. An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth is your right, but it is generally better to Forgive.
Good Idea  6. Benevolent Monarchy or Benevolent Constitutional Monarchy. The Monarchy and the reasonable powers and privileges of the Monarchs should be supported and maintained as a positive, stable force in politics. Citizens of Republics should really look into the benefits of having a monarchy.
Good Idea  7. Localism and the Devolution of Specific Governance…
Good Idea  8. A gradual move back to the land, whilst maintaining the benefits of technology in areas where it counts…
Good Idea 9. Increase public spending on humane methods of medical research
Good Idea 10. Convince the 1% that they rise or fall with the 99%
Good Idea 11. End usury.
Good Idea 12. End racism and hostile nationalism of all forms.
Good Idea 13. Look after and cherish the unborn, the weak and the dying.
Good Idea 14. Healthy families and Healthy Extended Families.
Good Idea 15. Mass private ownership of land, through Distributism – spread gardens and smallholdings across lands.
Good Idea 16. The Development of Guild “Socialism” within specific, local areas having the democratic option of adopting this tried and tested Guild system of production control for various appropriate and suitable trades. For reasons of liberty this, potentially, extremely beneficial system should not be enacted on a larger than local basis.
Good Idea 17.  Efficient government ownership of utilities and natural monopolies such as water, electricity, gas, rail networks, national wired telephone systems etc.
Good Idea 18. Replace malevolent and hostile Nationalism with benevolent and non-hostile Patriotism.
Good Idea 19. Learn how to live in harmony with the world and its creatures.
Good Idea 20. Give up war as a money making scheme and promote real technological advancement for those who seek money making schemes (organize society in such as way as to make working for positive development pay well).
Good Idea 21. Promote beneficial, positive and productive behavour by showing only such behaviour in popular entertainments (because monkey see monkey do). This requires a sea-change in public understanding but if the very strong psychological case for doing this could be made by enough people for a long enough time then it may eventually occur.
Good Idea 22. If people show the particular aptitude to work in a trade rather than a profession then they are better served with the option of real apprenticeships in real workplaces from the age of 14.
Good Idea 23. College and University tuition fees should be free.
Good Idea 24. It should be possible to earn bachelors and masters degrees by passing suitable comprehensive (open doored) examinations in a particular subject – without attending a single lecture or getting into debt through the expenses of student life (as it basically once was). If universities were places purely dedicated to knowledge not places of money making and of particular cultural-social indoctrination then this approach could be instated.
Good Idea 25. Individual countries, states and regions should be geared towards “self sufficiency of energy, water, industry and agriculture” and the idea of free trade should be consigned to the dustbin where it comes into conflict with the interests of real communities.
Good Idea 26. Children should be able to escape from all forms of compulsory schooling (should they wish to) if they can pass a multi-subject anytime school leaving exam (that would prove that they meet a reasonable competency in all required subjects).
Good Idea 27. The Grammar School System and the eleven plus exam should be reintroduced to provide an upwards ladder into professional life for the talented and to establish a meritocratic system. Comprehensive schools should be replaced either with Grammar Schools for those who are most likely to enter professional life and trade focused Secondary Modern Schools for those who are more likely to work in a trade.
Good Idea 28.  Youth culture should must be taken hold of and converted from something extremely harmful, bestial and destructive into something that promotes benevolence, well being and healthy social attitudes. To do this governments may wisely use the various powers at their disposal not to force, but to manipulate and guide youth culture into becoming a socially productive force.
Good Idea 29. Cultural Marxism needs to be challenged and eradicated. The cultural Marxists are a bigger threat to the well being of the people of the world than the Soviet Union ever was.
Good Idea 30. Greed and class based politics need replacing with politics in which the politicians seek to look after and benefit everyone.
Good Idea 31. Britain should leave the European Union, join the European Free Trade Area and work to build up the Commonwealth into something more meaningful and productive.
Good Idea 32. The Cooperative Movement, its philosophy and its methods.
Good Idea 33. A strong Welfare State that supports rather than undermines the family.
Good Idea 34. Full employment – if this does not come naturally then the government should employ the jobless in beneficial projects for a fair wage rather than support their idleness.
Good Idea 35. Work in any productive activity should be respected and valued by society and people should be paid a fair wage. The idea of respectable and menial work should be washed away with the knowledge that all honest work in productive activities is respectable. The binman deserves as much respect for the work that they do as does the businessman (often more).
Good Idea 36. Government policies should be designed to reduce great and iniquitous disparities of wealth through non-harmful and non-criminal means.
Good Idea 37. Cut Bureaucracy & Reduce Taxes. Standing taxes on the population should not be considered normal. Where they are necessary they should be fair, proportionate and justified. The tax systems should be greatly simplified. Wherever possible governments should seek to raise money in other ways than inflicting income taxes upon people who earn average wages or below. Hidden taxes (such as “quantitative easing”) should be avoided. To avoid raiding peoples wealth governments need to be actively involved in trade, investment and the provision of services (utilities, rail networks, pharmaceuticals industry, national airlines etc). Money may be saved and lives made easier by reducing both laws and bureaucracy to a very bare minimum.
Good Idea 38. Un-reform the Lords. The British House of Lords in its original and unreformed form. Through the 20th century the unelected House of Lords showed a balance and wisdom far greater than the elected House of Commons. Reform of the House of Lords has filled it with worldly career politicians and dodgy political appointees who have reduced the wisdom, honesty and common sense of that place. Historically selection of the members of the House of Lords was generally by the extremely random selection method of birth and inheritance of the appropriate title, today’s appointees are generally power seeking people who have connived their way into the Lords. I would generally trust a politician who has power thrust into their hands (and who may very likely consider it somewhat of a chore) to one who has striven and clambered over others for it.
Good Idea 39. Devolution for Northern England. If Scotland and Wales have devolution so should the Northern half of England (Both may be in England but the North has a very different culture, form of speech and everyday manners and values from the south. Furthermore within England the northerners have been politically and economically neglected for many years with wealth produced in the north tending to migrate quickly south).
Good Idea 40. Kill the killers. Don’t waste public funds housing proven murderers for decades in clear cut and unmitigated cases. Execute them by handgun.
Good Idea 41. Traditionalism, traditional ways of life, traditional styles of clothing and goods, handmade things and crafts. All these things have a special value that is absent in the modern, the newfangled and the mass produced.
Good Idea 42. Naturalness, organic food, living close to the land, eating just picked fruit and veg, eating meat that has lived a natural life or better still a wild one. Eating local and seasonal food as the norm. These things too have a value and a benefit not present in the modern or the industrial equivalents. It is something special that you cannot weigh in a scales, yet which has very real effects.
Good Idea 43. Protect nature and the countryside. Learn to value these things and their tangible and intangible benefits for current and future generations.
Good Idea 44. Make a sustainable future together – not war.
Good Idea 45. Governments should tax fossil fuel sales and encourage the sale and use of electric vehicles.
Good Idea 46. Windmills not Turbines. Don’t build ugly wind farms, get local builders and engineers to build many attractive traditional looking (and locally maintainable) windmills to house factory built generation parts instead. Why spoil a view and fail to support local workers when you can do the opposite?
Good Idea 47. The Gold Standard is a very good idea. Money should have real value – coins should contain metals of some value and paper money should reflect real, solid, unimaginary wealth that it may be redeemed for – gold and silver being examples of the types of wealth that may be used. Such as system stops a government from robbing its people by printing ever more worthless currency, prevents harmful currency speculation, helps stabilize real economies and it has many other benefits.
Good Idea 48. Economics. Toss neo-liberal economics and monetarism into the bin of history. Throw Keynesianism in too to keep them company. Stop focusing on the money and focus on actual issues of real solid wealth production (industry and agriculture) – if production is good and distribution is good and currency has real wealth then we may fire all the economists – it is really this simply despite the cloak and mirrors that are used to make people believe otherwise. Stop focusing on the highly illusory concept of economic growth and focus instead upon people’s real needs, actual human well being and long term sustainability.
Good Idea 49. Rupert Murdoch and his henchmen (who have long manipulated the British public through his near monopoly of daily print media) should be banned from owning any newspaper in the UK and any international satellite station belonging to him or his key minions or heirs should be blocked from UK airwaves.
Good Idea 50. 24 hour Public Access TV for the UK – let everyone have the opportunity to get their views across so long as they are willing to remain within the bounds of taste and decency.
Good Idea 51. Government is using ruining education to play political games, in many cases ruining whole lives through the fall out of this immoral point scoring. Government is also turning school into a place of indoctrination, mind closing and intellectual suppression, rather than a place of mind opening and intellectual liberation. A solution to this problem and a a partial barrier towards the Statist tyranny that Britain is heading would be a replacement of the state school system with fully independent educational cooperatives supported by government education vouchers (only non-profit making educational cooperatives would be able to accept these vouchers). Such cooperatives would rise or fall based upon their success and popularity, they would teach according to the needs and inclinations of their students and students parents rather than the whims of government and they would be free from government demands, government inspection and the general madness that has been the influence upon government upon education in the last several decades.



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