Corbyn And The Media (Part 1)

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Ever since Jeremy Corbyn announced he was standing as a candidate in last year’s leadership election, the smear stories have been relentless and increasingly shrill in their tone.  This week has seen the absurd ‘List’, which was leaked to The Times and the ratcheting up of a dodgy story about Ian Lavery pocketing loads of union money.  All of this happened, coincidentally, on the back of a good showing in the polls for the Labour Party.

Yet, some of these anti-Corbyn stories are downright hilarious, and others are just plain sloppy. A few days ago, I came across this article in The Independent in which someone called Caitlin Doherty, who says she’s a student, has claimed to have left the Labour Party because of “Jeremy Corbyn”. Well, that’s what the headline says and who am I to argue? Sod it, I’m going to argue. I’m going to argue that this article…

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Effeminate “Conservative” Government a Threat to Britain

What a sorry state of affairs exists in British politics.

British newspapers shamelessly full of bizarre scare stories against the liberation of Britain from monotonous EU tyranny.

The shamelessly evil hooray Henrys of the Cameron regime refusing to prevent the collapse of the British steel industry – even though a nation’s ability to produce defensive armaments is reliant upon amongst other things a sound steel industry – even whilst power hungry China is trying to finish it off with a massive anti-British steel import tax.

Meanwhile this same “Conservative” quisling regime has withdrawn naval protection from the (more British than 2016 Britain) Falkland Islands despite the fact that the oil hungry  Argentinians and hostile elements in the UN are conspiring to sever this indisputable part of Britain from its motherland.

It is almost as if the steady rise of Labour in the polls made Cameron try to set up conditions for a defensive war in the South Atlantic to drum up popularity, after all it worked for the ginger milk snatcher.



Israel Has Arrested 44 Palestinian’s Every Single Day (5 of them children) For 48 Years

Israel the newest and possibly the last Western colony in the world. Behaves badly but its supporters own, influence or control most of the global news organizations and most powerful Western politicians are Zionists, by hook or by crook, – leaving Israel to act brutally and aggressively and to create an apartheid state with worldly impunity.

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This Major Internet Company Has Stockpiled Three Months of Food and $10 Million In Gold For Their Employees: “We Don’t Trust Wall Street”

Source: This Major Internet Company Has Stockpiled Three Months of Food and $10 Million In Gold For Their Employees: “We Don’t Trust Wall Street”

Our current economic reality of foreign dependence and reliance upon untrustworthy foreign nations for food and essential goods is a sign of the stupidity, short termism and self serving nature of British governments ever since 1979.

Our economic security relies upon the continuation of a complex set of economic relationships, which are not secure or reliable in a long term reality of peak oil, global warming, never mind the inherent boom bust reality of capitalism (the latter a reality that has existed as long as modern capitalism has done).

Britain needs to become a nation of gardeners and a social democratic society with a transition and self sufficiency focus. We also need state control of essential key areas related to national survival, security and comfort and the enthusiastic government promotion of a growth incooperativism, localism and mutualism as a means of ending the current insane and totally wasteful systems of economic organization.

In this regard the Tories only offer a runaway train. Labour had better offer something more solid and profound than a tinkering with the current setup or the obvious vacuum will suck some other group in to meet the need.

Time is running out – to avoid risking future economic depression and chaos Britain needs to have a resilience that up is to the challenge of meeting the risk of a “perfect storm”, the distant rumblings of which seem to get nearer each year.

Norway is better-off than the UK but Cameron won’t follow its example | Vox Political

Britain can learn a lot from Norway, from its greater egalitarianism and social feeling, to the traditional Nordic Model of economic organization. Norway is very happy outside the tyranny of the EU, yet trades happily with it.

The EU is a tyrannical bosses club. The EU is not synonymous with Europe. Britain needs to head for the door before it closes. Membership of EFTA and the EEA show a possible alternative arrangement.


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