Short Thoughts

The guillotine brought new tyranny on the people of France and the liberty of the new Republican state was strangely far less free than the tyranny of the Kings. I know that I greatly prefer the Queen, Prince Charles or Prince William infinitely over the Berlusconis, Bushes, Merkels and Sarkozies of the world. Sep 2015
Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to Prime Ministers questions was as radical an event as the arrival of Keir Hardie in Parliament on the back of a cart. Sep 2015
The triumph of Corbyn is a breath of fresh air and a ray of hope for millions. Sep 2015
Some people, including some politicians, clearly find the idea of people living as Muslims in Britain unacceptable even if they are law abiding subjects. They claim to be defending liberal Western society, but it certainly isn’t a liberal “Western pluralist society” that they are promoting, but rather its intolerant antithesis – an attitude quite alien to this country. Aug 2015
Islam is attacked because of the likes of ISIS, yet Christians must gets top marks when it comes to violent attacks upon people of other religions and despite their gentle image Buddhists have been involved in many brutal wars against non-Buddhists, whilst Hindus have been pretty warlike too as have carious types of Pagans…However this is nothing to do with religion this is something to do with people, as the most atheistic societies to date (USSR, North Korea, Cambodia etc) have bee violent to a degree only matched by the likes of Vlad the Impaler (a member of the Crusading Order of the Dragon) or the Shamanistic Mongols beforehand. The problem is not religion, not Islam nor philosophies, the problem is that political power is often achieved and held by psychopaths and sociopaths. June 2015
It is a sad irony that the wartime Germans tormented, hounded, persecuted and murdered the Jews en masse kept, yet kept their country and got massive American loans to rebuild it, whilst the innocent Palestinians, who had done nothing, lost land, homes and country and received little from the world but insults. June 2015
If Cameron is only in favour of hard working families then what is his stance on greedy parasites, born with a silver spoons in their partridge filled mouths, who never did a days real work in their lives and who operate through a group of economic pirates called (without much basis) the “Conservative party”, which is their staging post to the various (immorally earned) corporate “advisory” positions they have lined up for after their time in Parliament? 27th May 2015
I don’t think British people would be very happy with a plan that gave a group of immigrants who had been in the Britain a few decades half of the country and most of the best bits. You really cannot blame the Palestinians for wishing to resist the colonization of their country. However that was a long time ago and now generations of Israelis have been born in Israel and most of the Palestinians who lost their homes (and had to flee for their lives in many cases) have passed away. The people of the Holy Land will have to put both nationalism, sectarianism and the past behind them if they want peace, because banging their heads together for decade after decade hasn’t worked and it is not liable to in the future either. May 2015
A 1970s Britain where a single worker could look after a family? A Britain where weeks and weekends were weeks and weekends? A Britain that still had a manufacturing base?  Britain where workers had rights? Great! May 2015
 Every party but the Conservatives now has  clear and strong interest in proportional representation or a mixed system,  whether they realise it or not – without it we could be looking at perpetual Tory rule thanks to the SNP destruction of Scottish Labour. Is it not possible that such a thing could be introduced as a private members bill even under the present regime? 14th May 2015
Government is using ruining education to play political games, in many cases ruining whole lives through the fall out of this immoral point scoring. Government is also turning school into a place of indoctrination, mind closing and intellectual suppression, rather than a place of mind opening and intellectual liberation. A solution to this problem and a a partial barrier towards the Statist tyranny that Britain is heading would be a replacement of the state school system with fully independent educational cooperatives supported by government education vouchers (only non-profit making educational cooperatives would be able to accept these vouchers). Such cooperatives would rise or fall based upon their success and popularity, they would teach according to the needs and inclinations of their students and students parents rather than the whims of government and they would be free from government demands, government inspection and the general madness that has been the influence upon government upon education in the last several decades. 10th May 2015
66.7% of voters voted against the Tories but we must seemingly bear another 5 years of these national vandals, despite the fact that only 24% of the population voted for them. PR and one man one vote, one woman, one vote would rectify such tyranny. Constituency politics are important though – so this requires a first past the post pr-hybrid House of Commons. Fairer representation is the civilized reaction to the current system.  9th May 2015
People who have supported opening the Pandora’s boxes of torture, detention without trial, secret military trials, kill lists etc never seem to reflect on the fact that one day they or their children or grandchildren could fall foul of some future administration and its misuse of these dangerous policies. 1st May 2015
Successive British governments in London have had plenty of of opportunities to address wealth discrepancies between the southeast of England and the rest of the country – discrepancies caused by organizations basing of most important public and private institutions in London – leading to a wealth and brain drain from the North and Midlands. They have allowed this situation to continue.  Successive British governments have prioritized the the values, interests and economy of the Southeast over that of the Midlands and the North and this situation is unlikely to change without structural changes. With Birmingham the capital of a devolved Midlands and Manchester the capital of a devolved North, the people of these regions can have a greater influence over the decisions that affect their lives and greater ability to make political choice that actually suit their interests. 15th Mar 2015
I have read that America has invaded over 70 countries since 1776 – that’s nothing it is said that Britain has invaded over 200 at one time or another. Unlike America, which has built an empire of political influence and favourable trade scenarios, Britain spent a long time building a real flesh and blood Empire, but then they lost it all too soon because they failed to reward adoption of the empires culture sufficiently, they couldn’t get over the racial prejudices that prevented a full sense of unity (and loyalty) and because they failed to make a strong enough shared culture and identity to trump pre-existing cultures and identities (not to replace them). America on the other hand has increasingly dominated the world since the end of WW2, their greatest weapons not their army, navy and air force, but rather consumerism Hollywood and their advertising and media in general. It has succeeded in intellectually colonizing countries where no hostile American army has ever set foot. 14th Mar 2015   
Imagine a Britain where two years national military service is demanded from young men, where murderers are executed, where some criminals are flogged, where teenage delinquents may be caned, where abortion is illegal as is male homosexual sex and where shops (with a few exceptions) are closed by law on Sunday. So who is in charge some far-right party that has come to the fore?  Nope it was Old Labour and the nice old post-war Clement Attlee Government which brought in the Welfare State and NHS as we know them (or wish we still did). It’s funny how things change isn’t it? 12th Mar 2015
The difference between the Monarch and the politicians…
In 1992 when Windsor Castle caught fire local people were happy to enter the burning building to save the possessions of the Queen…
In 1834 when Parliament caught fire people clapped. 10th Mar 2015
According to ambitious “Conservative” Party politician Adam Afriyie it is almost impossible to raise a family on £67,000 a year (about £1288 per week).
A couple of years ago “Conservative” Party politician Iain Duncan Smith claimed he could live on just £53 per week.  460,000 thousand people signed a petition that he should do so for a year, but strangely enough he did not take them up on their invitation.
How about £53 per week for “Conservative” MP’s and £1288 per week for those out of work due to iniquitous Neo-Liberal economic policies?  6 Mar 2015
Our modern system of iniquity relies upon various economic structures that are designed to rob the providers of labour their fair pay. As long as the cards are fixed according to the economic interests of those who possess capital against those who actually do the work most people are going to be robbed. Usury is the linchpin of the whole system – get rid of it and iniquities would rapidly decline Godwilling. 27th Feb 2015
A few years ago I heard a Serco employee talking about where he expected the work programme and unemployment benefits to go, and that was basically to a situation where job seekers would be expected to work several days a week in a “yellow coat” for nothing more than their job seekers benefits (the original idea of which was to stop people starving whilst they looked for a job – not anything else). What he was talking about was effective wage slavery and it seems that for young unemployed people wage slavery – at £1.91 per hour is soon to arrive. I am all for the government putting the unemployed to work for their benefits, but if they pay them a penny less than the minimum wage they are robbing them. They are also of course undermining the principle of the minimum wage itself, because when you say any particular group of British workers doesn’t have a right to it then this opens the door to its eventual destruction. 26th Feb 2015
“Freedom of speech – you either have it or you don’t. If you are going to protect one group from “hate speech” then you should protect all groups from it…” 26th Feb 2015
Those who have been driven from their homes unjustly only because they said: Our Lord is God – For had it not been for God’s repelling some men by means of others, cloisters and churches and oratories and mosques, wherein the name of God is oft mentioned, would assuredly have been pulled down. Verily God helpeth one who helpeth Him. Lo! God is Strong, Almighty – (Marmaduke Pickthall Meanings of the Glorious Qu’ran 22:40). The mainstream Sunni Ulema of Islam explain that God ordains that Synagogues and Churches are amongst the places that Muslims should protect – to the extent that protecting Churches and Synagogues is one of the traditionally legitimate reasons for waging Jihad. Therefore what sort of “Muslim” committed this Synagogue massacre? 25th Feb 2015
“Thailand punishes some people for insulting their likeable King and elements of the Jacobin press go wild with fury. France punishes people for insulting their unlikeable President and it seems that nobody in the press cares in the least.” 24th Feb 2015
Despite the fact that these things had not gone on in Denmark for a decade – last year Denmark prohibited Kosher and Halal Slaughter. They said that it was because they believed it is cruel to animals. Yet this is the same country where the army uses pigs for target practice and where there are “furry brothels” in which perverts pay so that they can legally rape animals !?!…                If its not about animal rights (as it obviously isn’t) then this only leaves Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia as the motivation for the ban. I’m not in the habit of quoting Israeli politicians but when Minister Eli Ben Dahan held up this an an example where “European anti-Semitism reveals its true face” I do not doubt that he perfectly summed up the situation…               …and as if just to convince any doubters of their credentials… the Danes have now set their sights on banning male circumcision – which also just happens to affect only their Jewish and Muslim minorities. What next? …are they going to ban beards? 20th Feb 2015
When the Houses of Parliament burnt down in the 1830s, the Whiggie-Liberals showed their intellectual leanings (Pagan Greece) by calling for the new building to be in the Neo-Classical style. The Tories showed theirs (Abrahamic, British and Traditional) by calling for the Gothic. Thank God the Tories won.
If this choice had to be made to today I wonder which way (the pseudo-Tory and actually Liberal) Conservative party would vote? 18th Feb 2015
I have read that Traditionalists in America see Republicans as “Progressives” who just lag some years behind the Democrats in the adoption of their “progressive” norms. In Britain the Conservative Party seems to have caught up with Labour and the Lib-Dems.  16th Feb 2015
No Power Without Responsibility. Bring the Corporations to Account for their Actions – Close the Loopholes that allow Corporate Irresponsibility and Anti-Sociality. 10th Feb 2015
A lot of Nostalgia comes from missing things of real benefit from that past to which we have no access now. Nostalgia for things from before one’s own chronological life often arises because our subjective worlds often encompass things that we have seen in old movies and stories that have been told to us – just as if we had been there. Objectively when we sit down and watch an old film or costume drama we simply willingly suspending our disbelief as a learned means of enjoying the show, but subjectively we may become something very like time travelers.  4 Feb 2015
Stephen Fry is angry with God. He’d better hope that God isn’t angry with him. 2 Feb 2015
When someone truly loves God…It is often a sign that God loves them.
When someone truly hates God…It is often a sign that He is not at all pleased with them either.  2 Feb 2015
Whilst speaking up for non-white actors young fogey Benedict Cumberbatch has gotten in trouble for using the term “coloured” to refer to people who the word police tell us must now be called “black”. In reality very few people are actually black, but everyone is coloured (pink, olive, brown etc). Now of course it is not the case that Eggs Benedict considers himself to be painted in the lighter half of bipolar monochromism. He’s just using a phrase that was absorbed into his vocabulary at some time in his life. Acts should be judged by intentions and his were nice. Leave him alone. 26 Jan 2015
So Greece says “Stuff the Troika!” and stands up against Neo-liberalism, austerity and the rape of their country. Hopefully Greece will be the Troika’s Achilles Heel and the start of a much broader trend. 26 Jan 2015
Poor old Stephen Fry, a man with so many very beautiful female admirers, yet unable to appreciate them enough to marry one of them. As a result missing out on a full connection with one of what is definitely the more aesthetic, fragrant, softer, smoother and more lovely half of humanity. 18th Jan 2015
The terrorists were so fond of Charlie Hebdo’s mockery of Islam and Muslims that they decided to engage in murderous actions that would give this scurrilous rag riches, world fame and save it from the imminent bankruptcy that it had been facing.    14th Jan 2015
If British politics were Middle Earth – Rupert Murdoch would be Sauron. 16th Dec 2014
A very illiberal thought that occurs to me from time to time. Problem – It costs somewhere around £38,000 per year to keep a murderer in a UK prison. Some sentences for murder last for several decades at public expense, when the NHS is in need of greater government funding – overall cost reaching hundreds of thousands or millions of pounds per murderer. Solution (for clear cut cases of murder without mitigating factors) – two 9mm handgun bullets cost about 60p and the many millions of pounds saved could be used for kidney transplants, hip replacements and many other needed and worthwhile expenditures. 14th Dec 2014
In a sign of the times a Buxton priest has been loudly berated and castigated by the media. His crime – telling the truth to a group of school children, revealing to them that Christmas was actually established with reference to the real Jesus (as) not to Coca Cola’s red and white Santa fantasy. 10th Dec 2014
TTIP, remove one T and you may discover the ideal destination for this vile satanic document, a monstrous pledge of national self destruction which is nothing less than a charter in support of the rape of national governments by big business. 4th Dec 2014
God says “ And hold firmly to the rope of God, all of you, and do not be separated” (Holy Qur’an 3:103)… Foolish Muslims variously say “I am this, I am that – you are this, you are that – he is this, she is that”…  Wise Muslims say “I am a Muslim, I follow the teachings of the Holy Qu’ran and the Prophet and his Sunnah” … And everything else cuts the Muslims up into smaller and smaller groups, just as previously happened to the Jews and Christians. The validity of this statement, however, depends very much on the context in which it is made. 17th Nov 2014
Baroness Thatcher once said “I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph.“…so why ever didn’t she simply surrender when she realised this? 14th Nov 2014
Ed Miliband’s opponents are shameless promise breakers and deceivers (think Liberals & tuition fees, think Tories implying that they were no longer nasty). He on the other hand has been consistent, honest and straightforwards. The sign of many peoples’ superficiality is that they reject Ed Milliband because he is intellectual and Semitic looking (of course they would never admit to their racism, especially as it is so ingrained as not to be conscious) and they run after Cameron and Clegg because of their charisma (a slimy presence shared with estate agents). 10th Nov 2014
Julie Burchill – a joke that needs no punchline (and which isn’t funny) 10th Nov 2014
Julie Burchill says that “Steven Fry is a stupid person’s idea of a clever person”
She on the other hand is a clever person’s idea of a stupid person 9th Nov 2014


Some interesting ideas…

These are some interesting and possibly meritorious ideas that sometimes float around. As to their validity God knows best. Are they true are they false? Who knows. Conspiracy theories or conspiracy facts? Total nonsense or something more? We will probably never know …in this life that is.
Marx was a handy Satanist and Communism was created by a group of conspirators as the perfect antithesis to the thesis of the Western system with the goal of attacking and discrediting existing Ethical and Christian Socialism and eradicating a threat to the long term future of the Banking Cartels. My guess – there is a fair possibility of this having been the case.  
Hugh Gaitskell’s unexpected death was related to a KGB plot to replace him with the more pliable and less patriotic Harold Wilson? My guess – more than likely true.
John Smith’s unexpected death was connected to a plot to make way for Neo-Conservative, Neo-Liberal Tony Blair? My guess – These things can happen, but it where is the evidence? 
Dr David Kelly’s unexpected death was related to his opposition to the Iraq war and the fact that he was critical of government claims about Saddam’s weapons? My guess – Highly likely, but there are people much more likely to have done it the the British.
Robin Cook’s unexpected death was related to his opposition to the Neo-Conservative military escapade in the Middle East. Natural icy steps or steps upon which moisture was sprayed to make them slippy? My guess – Very possible, but there are people much more likely to have done it the the British.

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