Stuff the EU – time to get out!

Britain should head for the EU’s door before we find it has disappeared. There is too little benefit from the EU to make the Kafkaesque bureaucracy and Napoleonic totalitarian impulses worth putting up with.

People who think that they can really reform the EU into something with just the good bits share an unrealistic dream. We can all imagine what we would like it to be, but the fact of the matter is that Tony Benn was spot on – it’s an undemocratic (and business dominated) Empire in the making…

…workers may get concessions, but they will be nothing more than that, as for Britain’s liberty and Parliament’s autonomy – we can forget about them unless we leave. We need to get out whilst it is still an option. The only reason that staying in is more popular is that too few people realize the full implications of staying in.

The EU is the organization that cuts us off from the world, by creating an artificial barrier between Britain and the parts of the world that are not in the EU.

Stuff the EU lets have closer ties to the Commonwealth, which is a far larger and more interesting segment of the world to nurture closeness with rather than making ourselves a little segment of mundane old Europe, a place where we are greatly outnumbered by our boring cousins.

EU Hostility to Trade Unions…

Social Europe is Dead…

Jeremy Corbyn has said that we can’t be content with the state of the EU as it stands but rather than seeking to break away he thinks we can reform it. I believe that he is mistaken on this one – the EU is a superstate in the making – it deals with people like a road roller deals with tarmac.

We know that the EU will almost certainly oppose any moves to give us more scope for such things as nationalization and we know that it is the same problem when it comes to economics and austerity.

It is David Cameron and his cronies who are renegotiating with the EU and they are liable to make things worse not better.

Great numbers of Labour members and supporters are opposed to the EU and know full well that  Jeremy Corbyn will miss an opportunity to stand up for the future possibilities of social democracy in Britain and to get in touch with the predominantly anti-EU zeitgeist of the working classes if he doesn’t take a strong stance on the EU.

With what’s currently on the table “out” is the obvious option for anyone who doesn’t want to be part of a very ugly, very bureaucratic, capitalist dominated super-state cum Empire.…

Stuff the EU

“We would be better off freed from the exactions, excessive contributions, toils, red tape and regulations of the European Union.”  Austin Mitchell
“It if this is the idea, the end of Britain as an independent European state…it means the end of a thousand years of history.” Hugh Gaitskell
“My view of the EU has always been not that I am hostile to foreigners but I am in favour of democracy. I think they are building an empire and want us to be part of that empire…” 
“Britain’s continuing membership of the Community would mean the end of Britain as a completely self-governing nation.” 
“When I saw how the European Union was developing, it was very obvious what they had in mind was not democratic…”  Tony Benn
“…Labour wants to see Europe safe and prosperous. But the European Economic Community, which does not even include the whole of Western Europe, was never devised to suit us, and our experience as a member of it has made it more difficult for us to deal with our economic and industrial problems…Moreover, by preventing us from buying food from the best sources of world supply, they would run counter to our plans to control prices and inflation…For all these reasons, British withdrawal from the Community is the right policy for Britain” 1983 Labour Party Manifesto
“Virtually every serious review of the costs and benefits of the EU show that Britain would be better off out of the organisation in most, if not all, respects but political elite in all political parties will simply not listen to the facts.  Those who believe that the European Union can be reformed from within are deluding themselves.  Its very nature demands that, ever more power must be conceded to the EU institutions and, consequently, that of the nations be reduced.  Britain would certainly be BETTER OFF OUT and the longer our country remains in, the more certain it is that we shall simply become a mere province in a “country called Europe” Lord Stoddart of Swindon
“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”  
Ronald Reagan

Listing the Distubing Evil of UKIP

I am a 100% supporter of British withdrawal from the corrupt, totalitarian and deceitful European Union so why do I have such a big problem with the UK Independence Party that their success is something that I fear? Surely I should support them?

Well UKIP is a party that …

  1. it is against tuition fees for science, medicine, technology, engineering and maths degrees for those who will remain in the UK for five years after graduation, but why not free tuition fees for geography, history, English etc… are these worthless or simply not as useful for UKIP’s big business donators?
  2. it welcomes people with traditional views on morality,
  3. it says it would increase ‘personal allowance’ to the level of full-time minimum wage earnings, which would give some dignity to many people who are robbed of it currently…
  4. it would take back British territorial waters from the Europeans which would be of great benefit to this country..
  5. it would ensure that food was properly labelled so that people knew what they were eating,
  6. it would ban the export of live animals to foreign countries as an animal rights measure,
  7. it supports the monarchy and its role,
  8. it holds the view that real marriage is something between a man and a woman,
  9. it supports the protection of the development-free ‘green belt’ that stops urban sprawl,
  10. it pledges to support and properly resource the UK armed forces, to properly look after veterans and to employ 12 year veterans in the police, prison service or border force,
  11. it opposes the iniquitous ‘bedroom tax’,
  12. it would enable the public to initiate referendums on issues of major public interest,
  13. it supports apprenticeships,
  14. it would end the ridiculous target of 50% of young people going to university,
  15. it supports grammar schools,
  16. it would make it easier to redevelop brown fields sites (thus saving green fields destruction),
  17. it is against toll roads,

…and I like all these good policies. But the problem is that UKIP are a bunch of crypto-Nazis and furthermore…

  1. UKIP supports a raft of policies that favour big business over real people
  2. UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage has made statements that clearly indicate that the National Health Service would be under threat if he was Prime Minister,
  3. UKIP clearly supports nuclear ‘Fukushima’ fuel,
  4. UKIP is infected with climate change denial as a party, demonstrating they are manned by retards, dupes and/or paid liars.
  5. UKIP supports potentially dangerous shale gas exploitation, proving that they are a bunch of stupid frackers,
  6. UKIP would end government support for natural energy generation projects, when the oil is going to run out one day this is very short term thinking.
  7. UKIP would end taxes that target environmental damagers, really! I wonder which polluting ****s bribed them to adopt this policy?
  8. UKIP would only pay child benefit for the first two children in a family, thus proving their affinity with Communist China’s one child policy.
  9. UKIP supports the reintroduction of attractive packaging for cigarettes, is this so children can get hooked or is it so that Nigel Farage can fully enjoy the old smoking experience as he puffs away outside the BBC TV studios (a place where he is endlessly invited, along with other extremists, Marxists, kooks, creeps, shills and weirdos).
  10. UKIP used to be the home of racist ‘Ireland is a country people by priests, peasants and pixies’ Kilroy Silk.
  11. UKIP figure Bill ‘I love golliwogs‘ Etheridge declared that Hitler was a ‘magnetic and forceful public speaker’ who ‘achieved a great deal’ and told young UKIP activists to copy his style.
  12. UKIP paid comedian Paul Eastwood to tell racist jokes at its conference. Later Nigel Farage defended him thus showing that UKIP is definitely a racist party.
  13. When UKIP leader Nigel Farage was late for one UKIP conference he implied that it was the fault of immigrants for causing traffic congestion (in this case on the M4)!
  14. UKIP members showed their complete ignorance of London’s architectural heritage when they complained that the BBC had held a straw poll about immigration outside of a mosque because of its liberal bias. The building was actually Westminster Cathedral!
  15. UKIP’s Bristol chairman, Philip Collins, has suggested that every city should have one or two holding centers for immigrants, that could be turned into prisons later (I suspect that he is not be planning these prisons for white people).
  16. UKIP candidate Geoffrey Clarke suggested compulsory abortion for fetuses with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida.
  17. UKIP counsellor Chris Pain described illegal immigrants as “sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-f******, ragheads” on Facebook. He later claimed that hackers had broken into his account and written the offensive statements…oh yes that sounds likely?
  18. UKIP county councillor Eric Kitson shared offensive online materials concerning Muslims. He defended himself explaining that it was to show how “disgusting” they are.
  19. UKIP candidate Alex Wood photographed himself giving a Nazi salute and later declared that he had actually been doing an impression of a pot plant, not sure that this one was going to convince anyone he also gave the alternative explanation that he had been trying to pick up his phone. Try this one in the mirror – picking up a phone in a way that looks like a Nazi salute – not as easy as it sounds.
  20. UKIP supporters in Christchurch Newport desecrated Muslim graves by painting swastikas and UKIP on them.
  21. UKIP has many members who are also openly associated with neo-Nazi groups including the British National Party, the English Defence League and Britain First. Many of these people have close online links with UKIP senior members. UKIP nearly always fails to expel members who have such extremist connections.
  22. UKIP members have begun more and more to move from a simple anti-EU platform to a xenophobic nationalist platform in which Muslims Poles, Romanians, Bulgarians and Albanians, Gypsies and others are targeted.
  23. UKIP leader Nigel Farage told a story about how he took a tube from Charring Cross and he did not hear anyone speaking English until he got to Grove Park (a half hour tube journey). Local tube users have pooh poohed the story, declaring that such a happening is extremely unlikely and to have been practically impossible. It seems that mister Farage is a fibber.
  24. UKIP is so incompetent that they were able to promote themselves as the ‘Black Independence Party‘ in Wales – next time Farage don’t ask a drunken man in a Welsh pub to do your translating for you.
  25. When UKIP Member of the European Parliament Nikki Sinclair refused to remain a member of the extreme right wing EFD parliamentary grouping because she did not want to be associated to racist thugs UKIP expelled her for it !?!
  26. UKIP candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock spoke about shooting poor people on a “peasant hunt” and described Chinese people as Chinkies.
  27. UKIP candidate Kevin O’Doherty posed in a photo next to a naked middle aged man who was snorting drugs of a young woman in a photo that revealed that he was covered in Nazi tattoos, including one of German planes diving towards a yellow Star of David (the badge that Jews were made to wear in the holocaust).
  28. UKIP candidate Dick Delingpole Photoshopped himself into a photo of Hitler to create an imaginary Nazi rally where all of Hitler’s followers had his own (Dick’s) face. He said that he did it for a joke and described himself as having a ‘deep sense of humour’, deep sense of humour or just a crypto-fascist, you decide.
  29. Former UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass has described the rule of Nigel Farage as totalitarian. Maybe Nigel Farage been taking the advice of UKIP’s Bill ‘golliwogs’ Etheridge and has been copying Hitler.
  30. UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom assaulted and threatened journalists, was accused of making misogynistic comments and referred to many of the female audience members at the UKIP conference as ‘sluts’. He also spoke out against sending aid to ‘Bongo Bongo Land !?!
  31. UKIP immigration spokesman Gerard Batten (who wears a pink suit and a yellow tie rumoured to have been sold to him by Mr “I’m free” Humphries on ‘Are You Being Served’) declared that all British Muslims should be forced to sign a special code of conduct rejecting violence, thus demonstrating UKIP’s ability to criminalize and put under suspicion a whole broad and diverse community of over a million people for the actions of a few dozen people. This UKIP founder member also suggested that halal banking (essentially normal banking but without interest) should be banned along with the meat that is permissible to Muslims and Jews.
  32. UKIP leader Nigel Farage demonstrated ignorance of his party’s policies when he was asked about them by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics show –was he not at conference, cant he read a manifesto only a few pages long, was he too busy smoking, drinking (he says he doesn’t get drunk although it could be that he’s been drunk for so long he has lost the ability to recognize it) and trying to drum up donations from big business?
  33. UKIP has been demonstrated (at least metaphorically) to be a unholy chimera, created by taking genetic material from the right wing of the Conservative Party and the left wing of the (crypto-Nazi) British National Party, which explains a lot…
  34. The UKIP manifesto has been demonstrated (at least metaphorically) to have been inspired by leaving tape recorders running to collect the views of drunken bigots in pubs all around Southeast and Middle England (or it may as well have been)…

If UKIP are Britain’s Protectors We’re in Trouble

Europe as a bureaucratic superstate is a deep threat to Britain, its traditions and its values. There is no doubt about this. With the threat of TTIP even the EU’s veneer of European civilized benevolence is fading. If Europe cannot even protect us from GM crops or ensure workers rights then what good is there in it at all?

Joining the EU is like going for a car ride with a kidnapper – if you don’t get out while you can you may end up loosing your liberty and much more. Once the EU superstate gets tied together with legally indivisible bonds (as is the goal) then British people who want their freedom will be dissidents who will end up with the standard choices that dissidents face (submit or face punishment – resist politically and face harassment from the system, resist by direct action and face prison, resist by force and die).

So who are our protectors against this European Superstate? They certainly aren’t the main parties. Who is standing up to protect British freedom? Who are our champions in this hour of need?

Sadly it seems that it is a bunch of xenophobes, free market capitalists and crypto-fascists lead by what Russel Brand called “a poundshop Enoch Powell” who are Britain’s champions and they seem to be a little ship manned by a motley crew. Every few months they expel some new fruitcake for calling for compulsory abortion of the disabled, for disgusting racist remarks or some other crime against public taste and decency. Sadly the ones who are expelled are not lone nut-jobs, but rather they are people who voice views shared by many others in the party.

The much abused UKIP leader Nigel Farage is indeed a fan of Enoch “Rivers of Blood” Powell, however I’m not sure who I prefer – this affable former Thatcherite with all his faults or the British mass media that mobs against him and his supporters – attacking in a war of attrition, pecking like an immense flock of birds protecting their chicks from a predator, but the main chick they are protecting is the EU and the egg from which it hatched was laid by a cuckoo (Tory Prime Minister Edward ‘sold Britain to the EEC for a boat’ Heath).

Their pecking disturbs me because I’m pretty sure that even if UKIP was not xenophobic, even if it was not thoroughly infiltrated by people with unpleasant racist views, even if UKIP was a politically mainstream party that kept its focus upon saving Britain from EU slavery – the media would still be attacking, because at the end of the day there are powerful capitalist forces behind the EU project who are (sadly) having more success than the powerful (sleeping) forces that support the liberty, freedom and independence of the British nation.

It is almost certain that UKIP cannot save Britain from the EU on its own, but it can serve to build up racist hatred and xenophobia and make life in Britain less pleasant. It has created a popular forum for angry people, those with authoritarian personality complexes, those with grudges and chips on their shoulders and this is dangerous. Britain needs another champion to save it from the decimalised, busybody, Napoleonic tyranny of the EU chimera.

snoring begins…

…..“Deep in secret labs hidden in the English countryside the great British defenders against European threats including King Arthur, Hereward the Wake, the Duke of Wellington, Horatio Nelson, Hugh Gaitskell, Michael Foot and Tony Benn are being painstakingly cloned, regrown in test tubes and retrained to establish a non-partisan group for British Independence from Europe that may one day sweep through the houses of Parliament removing all traces of pro-superstate Vichyism”….