I’m a Hobbit! A Comment that Grew

I was just reading the following post on “ UK Makes 436 million per second in revenues from EU migrants” on Pride’s Purge when I realized that I and many other British people are (metaphorically at least) hobbits in the following comment.

“We can laugh at UKIP just as if Hitler, Goering, Goebbels and his bunch of weirdos had a party in modern Britain the British social ecology would make them into figures of fun (As Orwell pointed out if anyone tried goosestepping down the street in Britain they would be met with howls of laughter). What worries me is that whilst UKIP out of power are a bunch of comedy characters, UKIP in power would very likely morph into something more like the tyrannical intolerant regime portrayed in the film V for Vendetta.

When the major parties recognize that little, backwards looking people like me don’t want to wake up one day in the United States of Europe where everything that we grew up with (our identity, our symbols, our units of measurement, our particular eccentric values and the petty ideas of who or what we are – yes we are hobbits) has been swept away for a cold, alien, modern, technocratic society.

You can’t fit a hobbit into a modernist Franco-German box because he belongs in his hobbit hole with his chintz, his culture and his history. UKIP may be manned by ultra-capitalists, loons and xenophobes, but much of its support comes from hobbits. If the mainstream parties said “don’t worry little hobbits, your identity, your idea of what British liberty includes, your symbols and the sovereignty of Parliament are sacrosanct” then UKIP would almost certainly loose its hobbit constituency and sink into insignificance.”