Benefits of Traditionalism II


  • Long Live the Traditionalists!
  • Some Good John Ruskin Links
  • Some Wise Sayings of Prince Charles
  • The Bolsheviks Were Revolting but the Tsar was a Sweetie
  • Labour and the Monarchy
  • Confessions of an Old Labour High Tory
  • Some Reactionary Quotes
  • Beware the Jacobins!
  • Good things to Bring Back from Britain’s Past
  • John Ruskin a Brief Introduction
  • Time for Britain to be Great Again!
  • British Values of Cultural Marxism?
  • Reactionary Socialism?
  • What Traditionally Defined Class in Britain?
  • The Queen in a Council House?
  • A Stuart King for Eire?
  • Anti Monarchists in the British Media
  • Monarchism Links
  • Monarchism Quotes
    “The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations. (Benjamin Disraeli)
    The past is not dead, it is living in us, and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make (William Morris)
    “Men invent new ideals because they dare not attempt old ideals. They look forward with enthusiasm, because they are afraid to look back.” (GK Chesterton)
    “Various forces have attempted to set up a defense against the disorder of our age. This is a useless effort, unless the disease is dealt with at its very roots. These roots are to be found in the subversion introduced in Europe by the revolutions of 1789 and 1848. The subversion has long since taken root, so much so as to appear obvious and natural in the majority of existing institutions.” (Julius Evola)
    “Modern capitalism is just as subversive as Marxism. The materialistic view of life on which both systems are based is identical…” (Julius Evola)
    “That a good man be ‘free’, be permitted to unfold himself in works of goodness and nobleness, is surely a blessing to him, immense and indispensable; – to him and to those about him. But that a bad man be ‘free’, – permitted to unfold himself in his particular way, is the fatallest curse you could inflict on him; curse and nothing else, to him and all his neighbors.” (Thomas Carlyle)
    Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to that arrogant oligarchy who merely happen to be walking around. (GK Chesterton)
    “What is a constitution? Is it not the solution to the following problem: to find the laws that are fitting for a particular nation, given its population, its customs, its religion, its geographical situation, its political relations, its wealth, and its good and bad qualities?” (Joseph de Maistre)
    Grant me a king whose chief interest in life is stamps, railways, or race-horses; and who has the power to sack his Vizier (or whatever you dare call him) if he does not like the cut of his trousers. And so on down the line. But, of course, the fatal weakness of all that—after all only the fatal weakness of all good natural things in a bad corrupt unnatural world—is that it works and has only worked when all the world is messing along in the same good old inefficient human way… (JRR Tolkien)
    “I think it is a misconception to imagine that the monarchy exists in the interests of the monarch. It doesn’t. It exists in the interests of the people.” (HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh)
    “For any country it is better to have a monarch than an elected president of the republic…monarchies provide the continuity of states, while prime ministers come and go. Elections are all very well for the designation of the prime minister or of the party which should take power, but not for the Head of State, who should be above party. (Unlike a president) in all probability the monarch who succeeds to the throne has been trained for this exalted post by having spent many years by the side of his predecessor. A monarch, however, cannot declare that he is ready to throw in his hand. The personal conveniences of sovereigns are of little importance. What is important is that Great Britain needs them.” (George Brown)
    “[A] king is a king, not because he is rich and powerful, not because he is a successful politician, not because he belongs to a particular creed or to a national group. He is King because he is born. And in choosing to leave the selection of their head of state to this most common denominator in the world – the accident of birth – Canadians implicitly proclaim their faith in human equality; their hope for the triumph of nature over political maneuver, over social and financial interest; for the victory of the human person.” (Jacques Monet, Canadian historian)
    “Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to that arrogant oligarchy who merely happen to be walking around.” (GK Chesterton)
    “If I must be enslaved let it be by a King at least, and not by a parcel of upstart lawless Committeemen. If I must be devoured, let me be devoured by the jaws of a lion, and not gnawed to death by rats and vermin.” (Samuel Seabury)
    This war would never have come unless, under American and modernising pressure, we had driven the Habsburgs out of Austria and the Hohenzollerns out of Germany. By making these vacuums we gave the opening for the Hitlerite monster to crawl out of its sewer on to the vacant thrones. No doubt these views are very unfashionable… (Winston Churchill)
    “This is the age in which thin and theoretic minorities can cover and conquer unconscious and untheoretic majorities.” (GK Chesterton)
    “I would give a woman not more rights, but more privileges. Instead of sending her to seek such freedom as notoriously prevails in banks and factories, I would design specially a house in which she can be free.” (GK Chesterton)
    “What is called matriarchy is simply moral anarchy, in which the mother alone remains fixed because all the fathers are fugitive and irresponsible.” (GK Chesterton)
    “Though the academic authorities are actually proud of conducting everything by means of Examinations, they seldom indulge in what religious people used to describe as Self-Examination. The consequence is that the modern State has educated its citizens in a series of ephemeral fads.” (GK Chesterton)

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